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IELTS Argentina - Fees and Locations

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What exam should I take?

Learn about the different types of international English exams and what each one is for. IELTS Exams.

What should I take into account to register?

1. National and local government regulations

Before registering, take into account the provisions adopted by the national and local government (quarantine, curfew, among others).

2. English exam schedules and times

The Listening, Reading and Writing sections are completed on the same day without interruption. During the pandemic, we are testing in the morning and in the afternoon. All sessions allow for social distancing. Morning sessions are usually between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and 12:00 p.m. and the afternoon sessions, between 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

The Speaking section can be taken on the same day as the other sections or up to 7 days before or after the date you have selected for your written exam. You can choose the day and time during the online registration. It takes place in the place where you have been summoned, with the assigned interviewer. This may be face to face or by videoconference, this means greater flexibility in the delivery of oral expression tests, along with greater availability. The video call exam is also carried out in an official center of the British Council with the same high standard of identity verification. The test will be exactly the same as the in-person oral test in terms of content, scoring, timing, question format, and security provisions.

Schedule of the Speaking test

If we need to change your test schedule for reasons related to the pandemic situation, we will notify you by email or phone.

IELTS Online

If you take IELTS Online, the Speaking test will usually be before your Listening, Reading and Writing. It could be on the same or a different day.

What does the cost of the English test include?

  • Access to IELTS Ready: Premium.
  • Five copies of your additional results certificate for free that we send free of charge to the institutions to which you are applying (for example, immigration offices, universities, etc.)
  • Special measures that you need to have to take the exam.

Payment Methods

Our only methods of payment are bank transfer (immediate) or bank deposit in cash to our bank account in pesos for the exact cost of the exam. We will not be able to secure quotas for payments made through scheduled transfers.


  • Credit card payment is not available
  • The British Council cannot receive payments from foreign banks, you must pay for your exam from a bank account in Argentina in order to register.
  • If you need to receive an A invoice, please inform your tax situation (eg Registered Responsible Party) when sending the proof of payment, otherwise, a type B invoice will be automatically issued.
  • Please note that payments are not processed on weekends and/or holidays. If your payment deadline falls on one of these days, you will receive an automatic cancellation email, so you must make a new registration to maintain its validity, we kindly suggest you avoid paying over the time limit and make the shipment of the proof of payment immediately to the indicated email.
  • If the payment was made by a third party, in the correspondence with the proof, you will have to mention the holder of the account since the date was made.

Once we have verified your deposit or transfer, you will receive confirmation by email. This process can take up to 3 business days.

What do I need to book my IELTS test in Argentina?

Have your identity document at hand, since you must upload a clear photo of it when you make the reservation. Use the same one that you will present the day of taking the exam (oral and written). It must be valid at the time of booking and the day of the exam.

The only valid* documents to take your exam are:

1. Argentine citizens:

  • National Identity Document (DNI)
  • Original passport (machine or chip readable)

2. Foreign citizens:

  • Original passport (machine or chip readable)

*Under no circumstances will passwords or documents in process be accepted.

Special measures to take international exams

We are here to help if you have any accessibility needs that may affect your ability to take the exam. Learn more about our wide range of exam support tools and settings at: Special requirements for IELTS candidates.

Minors and under 18 years old

Candidates under the age of 18 should ask their parents or guardians to help book the exam on their behalf. Any candidate between the ages of 11-17, must submit the following forms signed by her parent/guardian:

Important information IELTS examn

The choice of the type and module of the exam, as well as the attendance to it, are the sole and complete responsibility of the candidate; all the exam sessions are subject to changes and cancellations without prior notice. The British Council will not be responsible for additional expenses (tickets, hotel, transport and meals) incurred by the candidate to take the exam.

Important notice: 1) Before enrollment, the candidate must confirm with the institution where they are applying the requirements of the language level certificate that they require. 2) The exams are taken face-to-face in computer format at a British Council centre. 

  • The British Council is not responsible for any stage in the candidate's personal application processes for which the candidate includes taking an IELTS exam and the deadlines for these. You should complete your application process and take the exam as early as possible.
  • Please note that our team can only manually confirm payments during business hours, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. local time. The process will not be done outside these days nor during weekends and/or holidays.
  • If your payment deadline falls outside business hours, you will receive an automatic cancellation email from the reservation system. In this case, the candidate is responsible for immediately making a new registration. Please note that places in each session are subject to availability. Reservations are only valid for 24 hours.
  • Immediately upon making the payment, a copy of the receipt must be sent to, indicating the exam registration reference number in the email. This has 15 digits (for example, A3-AR033-S-XXXXXXX). Failure to indicate this may delay the registration process as the payment cannot be identified.
  • The email must indicate whether the payment was made directly by you or by a third party. If yes, please tell us the name of the payer.

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