Banner We Are Diverse: Enhance our relationship with the Min. of Women and Vulnerable Population

As part of our global celebrations for Shakespeare Lives, the theatre play Imagina Shakespeare was presented in the Great National Theatre in Lima, Peru. One of these presentations was exclusive for over 200 guests; young and adults in vulnerable situation from the outskirts of Lima, many of them from Orphanages (INABIF) and the National Programme for people in the streets (YACHAY).   

Also, as part of our local Arts Strategy, Imagina Shakespeare gave this audience the opportunity to take part with another 800 students from public and private high schools to experience of creativity, innovation, education and inclusion throughout visual arts.

As a result, we were able to enhance our relationship with the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Population and to empower awareness about issues regarding Equality Diversity and Inclusion with other partners.

“I would like to thank you for such a wonderful show. I really enjoyed it; but mainly, thank you so much for sharing joy with the children and people of INABIF and YACHAY. I am confident this experience has left a positive mark in their lives”- International Cooperation Head from Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations.


Attendees at the Great National Theatre in Lima, Peru

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