Banner We Are Diverse: Mexico. The play Silence, Romeo! based on Romeo and Juliet with sign language

During our worldwide Shakespeare Lives celebrations performing arts came to life at “Corrala Del Mitote”. This venue was inspired by the Shakespeare’s Globe from London and offered the public a 180 degree vision and an interactive experience.

The festival celebrated both Shakespeare and Cervantes and British Council’s input was all about inclusion: supporting emerging companies and a particular focus on disability such as Seña y Verbo (Sign and Verb); a theatre company that focuses on auditory impairments; they presented the play “Silence, Romeo!” based on “Romeo and Juliet” with sign language.

The entrance was free and activities were diverse in order to appeal to different audiences. 

In total, we received over 15,000 people in our presentations at “La Corrala” and 778,571 people saw and interacted with our project on social media.

This led to the signing of a historic MoU with the Institute of Social Security for Employees in Mexico (ISSSTE) to create an Arts and Disability programme together.

Actor of “Corrala Del Mitote”
Protagonists of the play Silence, Romeo!

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