The Remote Teaching Centre is a teaching centre like no other. It has over 80 teachers and operational staff and 35 classrooms in a 300 square metre office reaching over 28,000 children every week. It is surely a unique arrangement, where Argentine, Colombian and Venezuelan English teachers teach English to Uruguayan children remotely by videoconference through our partnership with global Ed-tech leaders Plan Ceibal.

Of course, like all teachers of children aged 9-11, they don’t just teach them. They guide them, support them, play with them, encourage them, and take them on a journey over the course of a year where they have unique experiences such as performing Shakespeare plays or singing songs in English. I am very proud of the creativity and drive for continual improvement in the centre. It is therefore a great pleasure to present these papers from highly experienced and committed Remote Teachers who have contributed so much to the Remote Teaching Centre. 

These are problems that all of our teachers experience every day. However, the Covid-19 crisis has suddenly driven education online globally, and suddenly these problems are facing teachers and educators all around the world. Remote Teaching isn’t just teaching online – it requires a different set of technical skills to face to face teaching. I hope these papers will interest those who find themselves trying to answer these two questions

Robert Chatfield (Country Director, Argentina - Regional Remote Teaching Lead, the Americas)      


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Remote classes with heterogeneous groups (article in Spanish - PDF 145 KB)

Maximising learner talking time in remote teaching (article in English - PDF 142 KB)
Guided Discovery approach in CEI Remote Teaching (Archivo PDF, 198 KB)
High Order Thinking Skills in CEI Remote Teaching (Archivo PDF, 167 KB)