Español para refugiados y migrantes Argentina

For refugees and migrants, learning the language of their host country is crucial to build resilience and integration. Through its Language for Resilience programme, the British Council responds to language needs in different contexts.  In Argentina, an innovative response has been articulated for refugees in the country.

British Council piloted a project to teach Spanish via videoconference to Syrian refugees in Argentina.  Taught from its Remote Teaching Centre in Buenos Aires, classes reach refugees throughout the country.  Following a successful pilot, work is underway with the government to develop a larger scale programme.  In addition, in March 2018 an international conference was held in Buenos Aires on teaching language to refugees and migrants.  The event highlighted ongoing work in this area, as well as potential for future initiatives.

‘Language is fundamental as without it, integration isn't possible. This is why we're working with the British Council.’ Esteban Tomé Fuentes, Coordinator for Programa Siria

British Council provides classes under the Argentine government programme for Syrian refugees, demonstrating strengthening relations between the UK and Argentina.  The conference highlighted British Council's work globally in this area, and brought together UK experts and British Council representatives with Argentine government and civil society leaders, fostering exchange and connections.

Watch Nengumbi Celestin Sukama and Okba Aziza tell their story:

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