La Ira de Dios British Council

A residency programme between La Ira de Dios and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (EWS) was set to promote the exchange between artists from both sides, setting up a space where they can share time to develop new work together. The final works produced will be exhibited in the Edinburgh Art Festival.

In February 2018 the British Council supported the visit from artists Birthe Jorgensen and Scott Rogers, and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop director Dan Brown to La Ira de Dios. After their visit, Argentinean artist Santiago Poggio travelled to Edinburgh from May to July for the second phase of the programme: a two month residency at ESW. The three artists will develop an exhibition together called ‘Hemispheric Phases’ to be showed at the Edinburgh Art Festival in July 2018.

'Now that the first residency took place the path will be open so other artists can travel between the two countries' Dan Brown (Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop Director)

Through this programme we helped enlarge the international outreach of the visual artists involved, raising their profile and upgrading their careers. It was also beneficial for the institutions involved, raising their network of contacts through this international programme. Through experiences with the arts, we contributed to the development of cultural relations between both countries.