Empowering agents of change

The Policy Incubator supported Future Leaders Connect, a global network for policy leaders. Members from Mexico, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom gathered in Mexico City to enhance their knowledge on public policy narratives to become agents of change.

A collaboration of 17 participants from Mexico, the US, Canada and the UK gathered in Mexico City to:

  • Promote a nuanced approach to understanding complex issues, such as migration
  • Strengthen positive, inclusive and constructive ideas about migration through developing alternate or counter narratives
  • Support in understanding and recognising the role of narratives and encouraging the application of such knowledge to engage youth in social change
  • Contribute to evidence-based decision making in public policy on migration

We build trust between the people of the UK and the Americas to achieve prosperity and security through the promotion of social inclusion and cohesion. 

The Policy Incubator is an example of the UK’s commitment to international development support for stability, economic development, reduced inequalities and good governance in collaboration with countries throughout the world.