British Council and Universidad Iberoamericana partner for internationalisation through teaching, exams and teacher training

´I really enjoyed all the courses and I'd never had teachers like this before, I'm so grateful for it!!!´ - Ibero Student

In Mexico the British Council works closely with Universidad Iberoamericana (‘Ibero’) to provide quality teaching, certification exams, and EMI training for academics.

Its students had reported a lack of effective English teaching, and many universities prioritise internationalisation efforts around offering courses in English. In response to this, the British Council trained the existing team of teachers, while the course offer and all academic processes were standardised and modernised. As a result, student registration has more than doubled in the course of the first year of the partnership. Both IELTS and APTIS are now offered every month, allowing existing students and alumni to pass the English requirement for graduation. An EMI course for academics is offered every year, which has led to an increase of courses taught in English from 3 to 50 in just 2 years.

As a result, there has been a marked increase in the number of students going on academic exchanges for a semester at IBERO network universities in the UK, and viceversa. The ATE courses are a direct opportunity for collaboration with the University of Oxford, while delivering IELTS exams has increased the scope of UK-based IELTS partner activity.