The Brand Awareness Regional Campaign aims to generate awareness of the British Council with the production of five new videos. They will demonstrate the breadth and depth of our work across all SBUs. 

The videos will focus on our four priority areas below, and our work on EDI:

  1. Supporting more equal access to quality education #WeBelieveInEducation
  2. Helping young people have the skills, resilience and networks to find pathways to better lives. #WeEmpowerYouth
  3. Promoting social inclusion and wider participation by strengthening civil society throughout the Americas #WeTransformSociety
  4. Giving young people and organisations opportunities to develop an international outlook #WeCreateOpportunities
  5. Building meaningful, enduring and respectful relationships across different cultures. Our aim is to mainstream equality, diversity and inclusion. #WeAreDiverse

The regional team will create and share the videos on our social media platforms.

The first video (EDI) is ready in Spanish. The English and Portuguese versions will be ready next week.

Please contact for further information.