Contemplating the cultural landscape of Canada through stories and sounds.

A series of cross-Canada train residencies provided the opportunity to 9 UK & Canadian artists to collaborate and create new work together. While the musicians and visual artists took inspiration from each other, the moving landscape and resonating sounds accompanied them along the train tracks.

British Council paired UK and Canadian musicians and visual artists for a series of creative residencies aiming to explore Canada’s contemporary cultural landscape by train. From the Rocky Mountains, through the Manitoban prairies, to the shoreline of the Maritimes, the artists were given an opportunity to collaborate on new sounds and ideas, while reflecting on the land, territories and communities they traversed. Each residency concluded with a live performance at Harbourfront Centre in front of 5,000 audience members.

These creative residencies provided an opportunity for emerging UK artists to learn about their shared history with Canada, to showcase their talent on a renowned stage and to raise their profile through a digital platform. Sound Journeys encouraged them to expand their knowledge, artistic practice, skills and networks through collaboration, contributing towards greater prosperity for UK talents.

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