The legalisation of academic degrees issued in the United Kingdom consists of two steps:

Step 1: Verification with the British Council

This process can be done through the British Council in Argentina. If you hold an academic degree or certificate from a university in the UK, we will contact the university to confirm that your certificate has been issued by them, and is authentic. The British Council will seal the original degree.

To complete the verification please follow these steps:

1. This service has a cost of AR $ 1786 for each document verified. You must make your payment through a bank transfer or deposit for the exact cost to the following account:

  • Bank: HSBC Argentina
  • Account Type: Current Account
  • Account Number: 309-3205141
  • CUIT: 30-71434913-5
  • CBU: 15003090-0003093205141-4

Important: The British Council cannot receive payments from foreign banks in Argentina. You must make your payment from a bank in Argentina in order to verify your title.

2. Contact us at In your email include:

  • The scanned copy of your certificate or degree
  • Proof of payment of your transfer or deposit
  • Scanned copy of your ID or passport
  • The completed Personal Data Protection form, which you can download here

3. You will receive an invoice for this service immediately after we have received the proof of payment.

4. We will contact the UK educational institution to confirm that the certificate or title is authentic.

Please note: UK universities may charge extra for this procedure. If so, we will contact you before proceeding with the verification process. If you wish to continue we will ask you to make a transfer or bank deposit to British Council in Argentina’s account and send us the proof of payment. The British Council will not make an invoice for this item, as this corresponds to the educational institution in the United Kingdom. You will receive a copy of this invoice when it comes to our offices in order to complete the verification.

5. We will contact you to arrange an appointment Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The day you come to our offices you must bring your original certificate or degree. Once we have done the verification you will take the original sealed document with you.

Step 2: Hague Apostille

Once the document has been verified by the British Council, it must be presented to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, to process the Hague Apostille. For more information on this step please contact the Legalisation Office.

Note: The British Council does not take the role of Notary or Notary Public and therefore cannot legalise any type of document. This step is the responsibility of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, so we have no specific information about it. 

The British Council does not carry out official translations of degrees or certificates. To do so, you should phone the Translators Association of Buenos Aires directly at +54 11 4373 7173.


To begin the process of legalizing your professional degree we will need to see the original document. In some cases we will have to keep it safely until the process is completed. We will also need to send the copy of your degree to the corresponding institution in electronic format. If fraud is discovered we will have to notify the corresponding authorities.

Once the process is completed we will keep a copy of your degree in our file. We will also keep other relevant details in our database: your name, document type, date of transaction and other related details. Keep in mind that your data is protected with us and we will not share it with anyone else - unless legally required.