BeUK is a support service the British Council offers to public or private organisations that want to send groups of people to study English in the United Kingdom for academic or work purposes. 

In the British Council we organise bespoke short-stay group packages in different cities across the United Kingdom throughout the year. Regardless of the type of English course, duration, or destination, we can ensure that your group of students, employees or teachers, has the best immersion experience possible. We organize customised packages according to any particular interest.

We offer organisations to place their trust in us to provide attention, advice and specialised support during the entire process of a customised English course.

The reasons that have allowed us to maintain this service and why our customers are always satisfied are:

  • The British Council brand is recognized worldwide for quality and excellence
  • We work with more than 500 institutions in the United Kingdom accredited by the British Council
  • We offer high quality complete immersion programmes in the United Kingdom (English)
  • We provide specialised advice for the entire process including selecting the appropriate institution and course, registration, accommodation and visa application

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