IELTS online portal: login

From the candidate portal, you can access all the information related to your IELTS exam:

  • The date of your exam
  • Your location for the Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sections (available five days before the English test)
  • Information about the payment, you can upload the proof of payment to complete your registration and see its status.
  • Your contact details, you can upload your ID (DNI/passport) to complete your registration.
  • Get free access to the Road to IELTS course and more IELTS preparation materials.
  • You can see your results online five days after taking the test on a computer and 13 days if you took it on paper (available for 28 days from the IELTS test date).
  • British Council contact information

► For more information on results, IELTS levels, test validity, review of your results, and more, visit: Resultados IELTS

 IELTS online portal: login


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