British Council Photography Style

Our brand is our reputation and all of us have a responsibility to deliver a consistent and powerful brand experience.

Photography has a major role in making the British Council brand distinctive. 

 Choosing the correct image can have a strong, positive impact upon your audience and help communicate our messaging effectively. Good images can evoke an emotional response.

The photography checklist below will ensure your photos are always on brand.

  • Photos should capture an interesting or exciting moment.  They should not be overly formal or posed.
  • Show inspirational moments.
  • Focus on colour and movement
  • Images should be vibrant and bright.
  • Show diversity.
  • It is not all about people- eg you can show an interesting image of a classroom.
  • Avoid the metaphorical - eg, if talking about success, don't show a staircase. 
  • We don’t use clip art.

For further info on photography please sign into the brand site

If you have any brand related questions please contact your member of the brand team. 

Susy VIllafañe - Americas Brand Lead and Brand Champion

Megan Oliver - USA 

Jenny Rodriguez - Mexico

Kiwayne Jacobs - Jamaica

Juliana Ferreira - Brazil

Laura Moreno - Argentina